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Feeling Blue

April 19, 2015

I woke up this morning in a blue mood.

imageNot the down-in-the-dumps despair sort of blue, but blue skies blue. After a long spell of gloomy weather, the sun shone at last in a sky of postcard blue. The grass – as exuberantly green as only spring grass can be — sparkled with morning dew. I pulled on my favorite blue t-shirt and ventured out into the warm day. I stepped onto a lawn carpeted with violets, and noticed that my little woodland garden was filled with blue flowers.

imageAlthough the squill and anemone have already spent their blooms (or been eatenby deer, take your pick), today’s garden boasts an abundance of Virginia bluebellsbehind the birdbath and Jack Frost near the serviceberry tree. Even the blue hosta peek out of the damp soil, ready to unfurl their large ribbed leaves. My walk through campus this morning was lined by gardens filled with pansies — many of them blue.image

It is a blue morning indeed – the kind of blue one only sees in spring.

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